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MARVEL MEME » 7 Relationships » Clint Barton & Kate Bishop

"Thank you Hawkeye."
"After you, Hawkeye."


Di giorno ho sempre fame. E poi, la notte.. SBAAM. No, ho ancora fame.





You asked about the Avengers. Y’ wanna know the best part of being an Avenger?

You asked about the Avengers. Y’ wanna know the best part of being an Avenger?




Right, I keep seeing this picture and I finally need to ask

Is Seb in costume for a role or does he just dress like that? 

In an interview he said something along the lines of his most important article of clothing being black skinny jeans, and the jeans he was wearing in the interview were also the jeans he’d worn yesterday.  So I’m pretty sure this is just how he dresses.  It’s great.

 omg hayley


hawkeye + quotes [1 of ???]


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"Shaun Ford is a bespoke furniture design firm based in Canada. The identity looks towards solving two situations: firstly, just like Shaun Ford’s furniture, a timeless branding was developed so that it remains relevant with the passing of time, steering clear of ephemeral design trends. Secondly, the identity is complemented with details and applications that provide movement and dynamism, obtaining a key balance between what’s reliable and secure with what’s inspiring and attractive."

Savvy Studio is a multi-disciplinary studio dedicated to developing brand experiences that generate emotional links between the clients and their audience. Their team is composed by specialists in the areas of marketing, communication, graphic design, industrial design, creative copywriting and architecture.They also collaborate with talented artists and designers from around the world, a process that allows them to offer creative and innovative solutions with a global competitive edge.

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I will never be tired of Holland looking done as fuck with Teen Wolf.